The Performance Objectives Of Urbane Eco Ltd

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The company that was chosen for this report is Urbane Eco Ltd located in Redland, Bristol. The company is a leader in sustainable building in the West of the United Kingdom. They specialize in installers of solid wall and other breathable insulation systems. Urbane Eco Ltd provides their services in Bristol and the surrounding area. In 2012 Urbane Eco Limited has signed a green deal certificate. Therefore they recommend only natural building technology which includes only natural and breathable materials which are produced in Germany. Being green benefits Urbane Eco Ltd very well and makes a better profit because nowadays natural building technologies help people to reduce their carbon emission bills and what is more keep their home…show more content…
Therefore primary research of this report will be based on face to face interview with Nick Lloyd. He is the main manager working for the company for 9 year. Fallowing the structure of the interview the manager had to rate the importance of performance objectives. Furthermore, asked “What’s your main ‘Performance Objectives’ to win and keep your customers?” Nick answered that “High-quality and dependability” are their company‘s primary performance objectives. Urbane Eco Ltd is a house building and solid wall insulation company so high-quality is their most important factor achieving successes in business. Over the 40 years the company managed to become a leader in the West Countries because they were improving their quality of services. Today the company is mostly using materials produced in Germany which won awards for the reliable quality. Sustainable production is not the only factor that helps to achieve high-quality for Urbane Eco Ltd. The company also specialise in energy efficiency measures which is more relevant to people who want breathe naturally in their houses and lower their bills. Every customer has different knowledge about high-quality so it is heterogeneous. Providing high-quality services require many different things including customer satisfaction. Urbane Eco Ltd manages to successfully achieve them all. It is also important for the company to focus on dependability.
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