The Performance Of A Dysfunctional Team

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Poor communication or failure in communication in the perioperative area leads to errors, accounting for 41%-91% of adverse events in the operating theatre (Marks et al. 2014). Theatre environment is fast paced and complex, and this may lead to the breakdown in communication which can cause delay in surgery, patient inconvenience and errors in procedure, hence reducing the quality of care (Cvetic 2011). The senior nurse had very effectively communicated with the surgeon and the junior nurse, which was a significant factor in allowing the surgery to run smoothly when she had to take over. Communication is an integral component of good teamwork, which is the heart of delivering optimum care. Teamwork is a skill, group of people working together to achieve a common goal (Shields & Flin 2013). A dysfunctional team will increase the chance of misunderstandings, poor commitment and lack of confidence and respect, hence leading to the disintegration of the objective of optimum patient care (The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSENG) 2014). Furthermore, humans are prone to error, and along with the complexity of the operating theatre, teamwork and communication is important to identify and convey the possible hazards, as to sustain patient safety (Plaza 2015). As part of this teamwork, the senior nurse was able to identify the distress of the junior and was very vigilant in her actions, as to aid her, hence preventing possible adversity to the patient, which is the common
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