The Performance Of A Team

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A511.7.5.CS - Enron

The performance of a team depends not only on the motivation and skills of members, but also on how members are organized to use their skills. The design of work roles and the assignment of people to them determine how efficiently the team carries out its work. Performance will suffer if a team has talented people but they are given tasks for which their skills are irrelevant, or if the team uses a performance strategy that is not consistent with member skills. The performance of a team also depends upon adjusting their activities to be consistent with the activities in other parts of the organization, and the importance of this external coordination increases as interdependence increases (Marrone, 2010; Marks, DeChurch, Mathieu, Panzer, & Alonso, 2005).
The unethical practices at Enron showed how certain levels of leadership can have an influence of what the followers, in this case employees, will do in a particular circumstance. If a team is motivated to perform a certain way, usually they will follow leadership’s demand and perform a certain way. Even more controversial is an attempt to change the underlying values and beliefs of individual followers. Some writers contend that this type of leader influence is clearly unethical, even when the intended outcome is to benefit followers as well as the organization (e.g., Stephens, D’Intino, & Victor, 1995; White & Wooten, 1986).

If a team is led by a leader who does not care about the overall

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