The Performance Of Classical Music

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Classical music has been played in many different venues, with many different instruments, in many different time periods so it is very interesting to compare all of the performances. The performance I went was definitely very different from how the music would’ve been played when the composers first wrote them. The 200-year difference allows me to explore all of the unique aspects that both the first performance and my current performance added to the experience that classical music concerts. Although concerts of the 1800s and 2000s differ because of venue, musician popularity, and finances, they have similarities in style, audience reaction and musician interpretation. The concert I went to was part of a non-profit organization called…show more content…
When looking through many different volumes of the publication The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular I was able to read about the most recent concerts that happened within the month that the journal came out.5 Composers who were around during that time had some of their first performances of pieces published as well as people like Mozart and Beethoven were having their pieces played by famous musicians of the time.15 Classical music was the most popular played back then so they did not need a non-profit organization to start a concert series to expose people to the music instead they needed a journal to inform the public when the shows and write reviews for all the new music being played. In the nineteenth century, composers and musicians were treated like the pop stars of the twenty-first century are treated today. They only play at large venues with many people watching and they get the VIP treatment before after and during their performance.4 Sadly, however, the venue I went to and the way the musicians were treated was much more casual it can almost be compared to the open mic night of today. The venue was a small church and there were only two musicians, a cellist and a pianist. People were able to sit right next to the cellist since his seat was in the middle of the isle. After the show, they were able to interact with the guests who came to the
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