The Performance Of First Milk Ltd

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First Milk Ltd is an enterprise-owned cooperative; it has 1600 members which are all and only British dairy farmers (First Milk Ltd 2014; Co-operative News 2014; Co-operative UK 2014). According to Co-operative UK (2014), First Milk Ltd has made a turnover of over £529 million in 2013. First Milk Ltd is the top earning cooperative in agriculture industry in the 2013 trading year. In this report, it is going to discuss the structure of the cooperative and its relationship with the members. It will also demonstrate how First Milk Ltd satisfies the seven cooperative principles and the reasons behind nominating First Milk Ltd for the Cooperative of the Year award.

In this report, secondary sources, both online sources and published materials, will be used to help illustrate and discuss the performance of First Milk Ltd on satisfying the seven cooperative principles.


7 cooperative principles

1. Voluntary and Open Memberships
As a British farmer-owned cooperative (First Milk Ltd, 2014), it is suggested that members in First Milk Ltd have to be dairy farmers in the UK. They accept members who are willing to contribute to the cooperative by buying its capital investment (First Milk Ltd, 2014). Gender, social, racial, political or religious limitations are not applying in the cooperative unless the members are UK dairy farmers (First Milk Ltd, 2014).

2. Democratic Member Control
The application of democratic member control has been shown in…
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