The Performance Of Leonardo Dicaprio And Jonah Hill

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If you haven’t seen The Wolf Of Wall street, a movie that hit fame in 2013, you should. The performance of Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill was incredible and original. Not only was it a great movie for all people (of a responsible age). It was a great movie for marketers. As I watched it I learned so much about marketing and getting your name out there. I also noticed during the entire duration of the film, they stated benefits of anything and everything it offers. The infamous “Sell me this Pen”, scene said it all. So that is what I am going to do today, I am going to sell you a pen. Well, I am not actually going to sell you a pen. I am going to sell you, me.

First lets look at marketing in general. Marketing and advertising is the
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Like the “Sell this pen” question has been around way before The Wolf of Wallstreet was around.
No one wants to here the features of a product of service, those are the things that you can mention but not promote. We don’t care how shiny or great the pen is, or if it is the top of the line pen. Those things do not provoke an emotion. The features provoke nothing.
As marketers we need to gather information, respond to information well, deliver it and how you close it.
In order to sell something as simple as a pen you have to show those skills I listed above.
Gather information about the last time they used a pen, or if they use a pen and what kind. Make sure they understand the importance of how they needed that pen in their life. Sell something bigger than a pen. Sell them a life without a pen. How would they sign important memorable documents without a pen? Close them; ask for them to buy it. Once you create urgency in a product or service, they will buy it. Just like in The Wolf of Wall street, Leo says, “sell me this pen”. The other man says,” Hand me the pen” “Do me a favor, write your name down on the napkin.” Leo says, I can’t I don’t have a pen.” The man says, “ Supply and demand.”

Leo needed the pen, the man had it. Hook, line and sinker. It is a simple process to understand. It is also simple to utilize. I am not going to sit here and talk about Leo and The Wolf of Wallstreet the entire time. Everyone has probably tried to
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