The Performance Of Our Company Life Through The Lens For Year 12

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The following report includes selected financial data analyzing the performance of our company Life Through the Lens for year 12. Included is our strategy for the current year, future initiatives for our four regions, our competitor analysis, and reasons our company has not been improving as well as we had projected. At the moment our company’s current position is not up to par with our previous years regarding where our company is standing among our competitors. Please refer to Table 1.0 above to further understand our company’s performance for the end of year 12.

Life Through the Lens decided to take a risk and cut back on our advertising and promotion budget and pricing strategy to decrease our losses from expenses from our entry-level cameras in year 11. Through such actions and the hiring of temporary PATS, our EPS was negatively affected due to the fact that we lost profit. We will repurchase outstanding shares to increase our EPS. Although we strive to pay our PATs a fair wage, results have shown that their wages are cost-prohibitively high and are hurting company profits. As a result of not investing enough in our advertising budget, our market share is relatively low compared to our competitors. Concerning our image rating, we are currently honing a 58 whereas the average is of a 66, this is due to the lack of advertising, price, and promotion. We have consistently kept our credit rating at an A+ by paying in cash on time to reduce debt. Our stock prices compared…
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