The Performance Of Premier League Football Teams

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Is there any correlation between changing managers and football clubs’ results? Managers often find themselves being sacked and replaced, sometimes only lasting a matter of days before having to move on. In this essay I will be investigating the performance of Premier League football teams, both with a change of manager and without, to see if there is evidence of a correlation between the changing managers and the results of football clubs. A look at the data from the past three seasons shows that “Manchester City” was consistently ranked in the top three on the league table. In earlier years though, they were not as successful. For example, in 2009, they came 10th. Upon changing manager, in 2010 they climbed 5 places, making it to 2nd by 2013. Finally, when Manuel Pellegrini took over for the 2013/2014, they made it to 1st place. For this team, it can be assumed that a change in manager led to better results. Another strong team according to data is “Chelsea”. In 2013, when Rafael Benitez was manager, they finished in 3rd place. They then changed manager, to José Mourinho, finishing 2nd in 2014, and 1st in 2015. These teams show evidence that a change in manager was beneficial, as they showed improvement when this occurred. “Southampton” also appears to prove correlation between a change in management and the team’s outcomes. In 2012, with Nigel Adkins, they placed 14th at the end of the season. When Mauricio Pochettino came into control in 2013, they jumped up to 8th in
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