The Performance Of The Nielson Company

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One of the most common forms of entertainment that people indulge themselves in is cinema. Whether the film is based on your favorite book, legend, or you simply were captivated by the preview you saw on television, movies have constantly brought in large revenues for the producers and theaters. However, with the growing availability of online streaming people now have the ability to access movies in the comfort of their own homes, which brings about the debate of whether watching a movie at home or in a theater creates the most enjoyable experience. The Nielson Company is a business that produces television program ratings and as of 2011, the company reported that 96.7% of American households own at least one television set (Stetler).…show more content…
As many of us have experienced, theater seats are typically not the most comfortable, especially when it is compared to your new $700 recliner from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Also, since you are in the comfort of your own home, there is no immature child sitting behind you constantly kicking the back of your seat, or strangers next to you who like to claim the arm rests for themselves and leave you wedged uncomfortably into your seat. Also, regarding the crowd in a theater, people have a tendency to disregard the instructions of turning off all cell-phones and refraining from talking during the film to ensure that all paying viewers can enjoy the film. For other viewers the constant bright light of a phone screen or conversation occurring next to them can ruin the movie and their evening. Until the courtesy rules are more strictly enforced people will continue to disobey them. However, at home the viewer can decide to completely turn off their phone if he or she wants to focus solely on the movie or they can freely text message or talk to friends while watching. Home viewing allows for the viewer to tailor their environment to their personal preferences, unlike a theater. Finally, when watching movies at home, the viewer is running according to his or her own schedule. There is no stress trying to plan out when to leave or rushing to arrive at the theater on time. Rather, the viewer can settle in, ensure that their popcorn
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