The Performance Of The Performing Arts

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The performing arts give and enhance many traits in a person’s life. Students involved in theater prepares students for later-in-life experiences. Participation also makes people feel a certain belonging to society. Students learn new skills: increased intelligence, and the ability to connect and read others’ emotions. Participation in the performing arts gives people experience, the feeling of belonging, and new skills.

Firstly, students participating in theater gain experiences for later careers. For example, someone who understands an audition would know what to expect in a job or college interview. Assisting in a performance, even on the technical side, can also improve the ability to withstand stress and being put in a position under pressure (Mintz). This also expands one’s capacity for thinking and knowledge about the performing arts and gives students a greater appreciation for the arts. They gain new abilities and endure more of the hardships in their lives. Problem solving is a definite trait gained for the teamwork and leadership roles many must take on in productions. This prepares them for their career and the hardships and pressure they must endure. Some people even view the performing arts as transcendent experience, giving them a new way to look at life as a whole, making it a spiritual experience.

Also performing enhances one’s speaking ability, or public speaking. This is extremely useful later in life when, for example, one has to give a…

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