The Performance Of The Symphony No.9

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The performance of the Symphony No.9 by Beethoven, conducted by Lenard Bernstein, was a magnificent piece that captured all the emotion of the people, from the sorrow of those lost in the war to the joy of the freedom they had just acquired. This piece was placed in Berlin to celebrate the uniting of East and West Germany. It was performed in the restored Schauspiel house, which had been completely destroyed during the war. It was restored to be one of the world’s finest concert halls. This performance was such a large, historic event that it was televised in over 20 different countries. Lenard Bernstein even took this event as seriously as to change the lyrics of the last movement from the German word for “joy” to the German word for “freedom” to commemorate the momentous occasion. The performing forces for this event were quite elaborate. The Bavereon Radio Orchestra was joined by the Staatskapelle Dresden, the Orchestra of the Leningrad Kirov Theatre, the London symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, and the Paris Orchestra. In regards to vocalists, the Baverien Radio chorus sung in addition to the Berlin radio chorus and the children’s chorus of the Dresden Philharmonic. The soloists were June Anderson, Sara Walker, Klaus Konig, and Jan Hendrik Rootering. One interesting thing to note about the conductor is that while conducting the orchestra he didn’t have any music sheets. He knew the music so well that he didn’t need to have it in front of him.…
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