The Performance Of The Symphony

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Barenboim’s “Beethoven’s 9th” was a BBC production of the Beethoven’s last symphony. The buildup to the final performance is great and this is partly explained by the fact that “Beethoven’s 9th” was different in that it contained song and chorus. Daniel Barenboim will be conducting the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. The hall is beautifully decorated for the occasion. The main theme of the symphony revolved around the human conditions and unity (Swafford, 2014).
I think the performance of the orchestra was above average. I enjoyed all aspect from when the conductor was welcomed by members of the orchestra to when the choir joined towards the grand finale. Both the orchestra and the audience played their role exceptionally. I watched the orchestra play over and over trying to grasp the meaning of every movement while enjoying the choral. By looking at the members of the large orchestra I could tell they were eager to please. Also the fact that they had rehearsed gave them confidence which was fully in display.
On the day of the rehearsals, I see people everywhere (on the orchestra and audience setting) mingling with each other and the murmurs take over the hall. The orchestra is about to begin rehearsing for what will be the last symphony. I notice that the orchestra is composed of young and older people of different ethnicity. Even the audience display this diversity in terms of age, gender and ethnicity. This goes to show that orchestra is not
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