'The Perils Of Indifference' By Elie Wiesel

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Human rights activist, Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize-Winner, and writer Elie Wiesel in his influential speech, “The Perils of Indifference,” emphasizes that indifference is an inhumane quality that affects the success and failure of the millennium. Wiesel develops his message by recalling his experiences in the Holocaust and how it cast a “dark shadow over humanity.” This event caused the pain and suffrage of many victims and filled him with “gratitude” towards the “American people” for saving the prisoners from the injustice of the Holocaust. Additionally, he mentions the “seductive” and “tempting” choice of being indifferent because it is easier to avoid the “pain and despair” of victims; as a result, we don’t have to…show more content…
Although there was a peace treaty in 2010, violence escalated in 2014 resulting in the displacement of over 400,000 Darfuris (“Darfur”). Correspondingly, Wiesel mentions the story of St. Louis which involves human cargo of about 1,000 Jews being sent back to Germany resulting in the destruction of Jewish establishments, synagogues being burned down, and thousands of people being placed in concentration camps (Wiesel). Moreover, the Sudanese government has used “starvation as a weapon of war” leading to the famine of over half a million citizens as a result of a low “cultivation season.” In addition, the Sudanese government has prevented humanitarian organizations and the UN from providing aid to the civilians. At the same time, Wiesel shares the “miserable consolation” of believing that Auschwitz and Treblinka were not known to the leaders of the “free world” because the leaders did not use that knowledge to quickly rescue the prisoners (“The Perils”). This relates back to Wiesel sharing his opinion that we choose to be indifferent because we don’t get bombarded with the troublesome situation of having to break our routine to help the victims of a situation that has no effect on us (Wiesel). Overall, the cruel injustice of Darfur is an example of the inhumanity of indifference in today’s century and world that
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