The Perimeter Of The United States

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Pusan Perimeter Beginning on August fourth of 1950, and lasting until September eighteenth of the same year, the North Koreans waged a battle against the United States and UN forces. The UN forces along with the United States were forced back to the Pusan Perimeter, a defensive line set up around the very southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Inside of this protected area was the port of Pusan. The UN troops, which consisted of the Republic of Korea, The United States, and the United Kingdom, were forced to retreat to the Pusan Perimeter between August first and third, 1950. The US troops fought their very best when they were on the roads and in formation. The US troops also fought best with heavy equipment. The major difference when it came to the North Koreans was that many were skilled at guerrilla warfare, having learned to fight it against the Japanese during their occupation of Korea, and they were skilled at such things as nighttime attacks and were more mobile fighters than the UN troops. The NKPA, which stands for North Korean People’s Army, were a group of soldiers that used a lot of infiltration. They were good at getting into the enemies forces and killing them from inside their own bases. The Eighth Army in Korea outnumbered the NKPA, which forced the North Korean’s to recruit the help of people from some of their occupied South Korean cities. These people had no previous, and were given no, training and no weapons either, but they gave the NKPA more…

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