The Period Of A Child 's Development

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The period of a child’s development is a critical time in their life. Their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social aspects develop during this time and can be easily influenced by those in the present environment. Our class was given the opportunity to observe Micah recorded at 3 years old and then again at 5. In the videos, he had just reached the pre-operational period and how he is fully immersed in it. The major development I noticed during the observations was Micah’s physical and motor development as well as his advanced autonomy. According to Erickson, toddlers acquire an aspiration to complete tasks by themselves in their environment labeled as autonomy. In the video, he sought to take out the blocks by himself and claimed to cleaning up a certain toy by himself. However, it was much more prevalent today. He insisted on putting the toys down, picking which ‘friends’ he wanted to play with, and switching on and off the lights. When asked if he needed help, he simply responded with no, he could do it. It was displayed that those influencing his actions appropriately encouraged his autonomous behavior with enforced self-control. Micah’s gross and fine motor skills were predominately shown at both ages, but there was obvious progress made at the time between the two. At the age of 3, his motor skills were suitable for his age. He played with largely sized blocks and cars. Today, he was seen playing with tiny Legos sized for older ages and board games, which…
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