The Period Of The Ottoman Empire And The Ming Dynasty

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During their time period the Ottoman Empire and the Ming dynasty were two powerful states, they both had a view of itself and its place in the world. Although they were both significantly powerful the Ottoman Empire was superior compared to the Ming Dynasty. Important aspects of their states such as religion and trade played a role in both States, but in a long run had a greater impact the Ottoman Empire, for they were much more powerful than the Ming Dynasty. During the 1300’s each empire during this time had a religion that was significant to their state and impacted them, this includes the Ottomans and the Ming. During the time period of the Ming dynasty, they based their states’ religion of Neo-Confucianism or “new-Confucianism”. Neo-Confucianism incorporates aspects of Buddhism and Taoism into tradition Confucian beliefs. Their religion had a significant impact on their State. After the Mongols conquered and ruled China, as a result China disunited. One of the main reasons the Ming Dynasty lasted long as an empire, was for the reason the restored and recenter China after the destruction of the Mongols. And their religion benefited them, for it helped unite china. Having one common religion upon an empire, would eventually cause the areas within the empire to unite. In addition the religion of the Ottoman Empire had a similar impact on its society. The ottomans were a Muslim based empire, but unlike other empires they didn’t force people within their empire to convert
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