The Period Of Victorian Times

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Late-Victorian civilians had no hope or faith left by the end of Queen Victoria’s reign. Victorian poets either attempted to change the mind and hearts of Victorian people for the benefit of the throne or attempted to raise awareness for the benefit of progress over the course of the era’s entirety. Nineteenth century England reached its height as a world imperial power and had changed as dramatically as it had in all of its history combined during this time (Greenblatt 2145). The population of London grew from two million to over six million and industrial production techniques had a profound impact on everyone in all aspects of life in their culture (2145). Unregulated industrialization created great prosperity for a few, but it created a wealth of misery for the majority (2145). Victorian authors had an abundance of varying reactions to the industrialization of the times; many celebrated the promise, progress and triumphs of the throne while others challenged the promises of the throne and the benefits of its industrialized growth due to the suffering of the masses (2145). Writers were noting their beliefs more explicitly, it did not matter if their beliefs were considered bad or ill of the empire, more than ever before in England.
Fear of anarchy and economic uncertainty dominated the Early Victorian period. The spread of democracy and education provided hope in various texts of the times, the public railways were expanding due to the industrial and population growth…
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