The Period Of World War II Essay

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The period of World War II and the years immediately after illustrate such astonishingly rapid shifts. These shifts provided: change in the economy, many jobs were made available, women left from being at home into the workforce, and gay and lesbians individuals often enlisted into the military. According to historian Allan Berube, World War II was known to be the “quintessential coming out party” for LGBT Americans. The war created a substantially new “erotic situation” conducive both to the articulation of a homosexual identity and to the more rapid evolution of a gay subculture (24). I believe that this saying is meaning that World War II was an opportunity for many LGBT to go out and have the ability of having some freedoms.
For example, a homosexual person coming from a small town that has not seen much of the world and going overseas into the war and seeing other homosexuals can give them security, freedom, and having the opportunity to meet other people like themselves. The war years also allowed for people that did not classify as homosexual, but had strong same-sex attraction to have more freedom to enter into homosexual relationships. Also, the war played a huge part in a woman’s life because there were jobs available for them, and they were able to establish their independence, not having to rely on men to do the work.
World War II created a need for great amounts of womanpower; many women took their places in the civilian and military work forces. Many young
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