The Period of the Great Depression

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The period of the Great Depression was undoubtedly one of the worst the United States has ever experienced, with millions out of work for the majority of the decade and many in the middle class losing everything they had ever known in the blink of an eye. There is debate among many as to what mainly got us out of the Great Depression, whether it was the outbreak of World War II or the change in the formation of the American economy which came after the war ended. Though the Second World War was a much needed boost for the economy in the United States, through renewed production of weapons as well as other supplies for soldiers in Europe as well as American soldiers when we entered the war, it was not the outbreak of war which prompted our departure from the period of the Great Depression, but the change in the way we saw our government and economy after the war which truly removed us. It is not argued by anyone in the historical or economic communities that the Great Depression was in fact the worst period of history that the United States has ever experienced. Before discussing this event and what interventions from the government followed, we must first look at the economic and cultural changes which allowed the economy to grow to such levels that a crash like that in 1929 can be a catalyst in what would be a decade of mass unemployment and suffering for Americans, especially in the middle class. The 1920’s was a decade of great change for America, both economically and
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