The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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Sociology is the scientific study of being behavior in human groups (Schaefer). There are very many examples of sociology in the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I view alienation, deviance, and gender roles to be the most prominent. This movie is about the struggles of a teenage boy named Charlie’s freshman year of high school. Charlie is seen as a social outcast and he just barely makes it through the year with the help of his best friends Sam and Patrick. Throughout the movie Charlie experiences most of the basic struggles of starting high school and some. This movie is very relateable since it gives a more realistic view of high school for some people. Charlie , and the audience, learns the importance of love and friendship in growing up in today’s society. The summer before his freshman year of high school Charlie’s best friend committed suicide. This deeply impacted Charlie as he really struggled to cope with the pain he was left with. In the movie he mentions how he used to “get bad” and that he had to stay in a mental hospital prior to high school. Therefore, Charlie was deemed a social outcast before high school even started. Even the teachers at the school had already heard about it. Being a social outcast is an example of alienation. Alienation is the condition of estrangement or dissociatiohe n from the surrounding society (Schaefer). Throughout the rest of the movie it becomes more evident why Charlie is alienated from his peers. Through his

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