The Permanent Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Permanent Impact of the Industrial Revolution It is fair to say, that when we are talking on our cell phone in the car on the way to the mall to purchase a new outfit, it does not usually cross our mind about how we have the ability to be doing such things. We do not consider the fact that we have these means of transportation or communication. Even more so, we definitely do not think about what it would be like to have to special order an outfit after picking the material and being fitted for it, only to have to wait days to weeks before it was ready for us to pick up. Why don’t we think about this? Because we have never known life to be any other way. However, it wasn’t always this easy or convenient. People didn’t just wake up one morning to a revolutionized America. It was a slow, evolving process, one that occurred over more than 250 years and, in fact, it is still evolving today. The Industrial Revolution changed human life forever by changing the way goods were produced, increasing production, improving transportation and communication means, and changing the social classes and the way people lived their daily lives. Modern-day America is “modern” because of The Industrial Revolution ("Industrial Revolution"). I will start by briefly touching on what life was like before the Revolution. Before the Revolution, the majority of people were living at or very close to poverty level. They farmed so they could feed their families. The cities that managed to
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