The Persecution Of The Jewish People

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There is masses of historical debate surrounding the progression of Jewish persecution by the Nazis, this often fuelled by ‘intentionalists’, who believe Genocide was indeed the intention of one man from the beginning, rather than the theories of the ‘moderate functionalists ‘, that reason that the persecution of the Jewish people was a progression of radical policy ,of an entire group of people, due to the perceived failings of the Nazis previous racial policies. Section 2 Introduction - Nazi Regime began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany - 6 million Jews had been killed by the end of the Nazi regime - Both Intentionalists and Functionalists have there valid scholarly and ethical points - Notable…show more content…
Existed throughout European nations for centuries. Rulers placed legislation and restrictions on the Jewish community previously (E.g. Napoleon) - Memoirs written by Hitler while serving prison time for treason “The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew. “(Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf ) - Racial Purity and spatial expansion became the core values of Hitler’s Party and Regime - April 1 1933- Nationwide boycott of Jewish owned businesses - September 15 1935 -> Nuremberg Laws are instituted ( Jews classed as second class humans -> revoked political rights → marriage and sexual relations between Germans and Jews made illegal). - November 9, 1938 ‘ Kristallnacht’ (night of broken glass) Nationwide program, set in motion by Joseph Goebells Speech in response to Killing of German Propaganda minister by Young Jew in Paris. Sees homes, businesses and synagogues stormed and at least 91 Jewish peopke killed and 30,000 arrested. - Saw the beginning of Expulsion and Ghettonisation of the Jewish community, transporting masses of Jews out of Germany to occupied territory. - The series of events surrounding the persecution of the Jewish people shows strong lack of organisation and planning by Hitler and the Nazi party in how to approach their ‘Jewish
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