The Persian Gulf War : Operation Desert Storm

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The Persian Gulf War: Operation Desert Storm In August 1990 the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein commanded his military to invade Kuwait. Refugees fled Kuwait, as many citizens were robbed, assaulted, and looted. Kuwait is a small country located at the North-Western end of the Persian Gulf, this gulf separates South Western Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Saddam Hussein was well known to be a ruthless dictator. Leaving this to be the first time a UN member nation had invaded one of its fellow UN member nations. According to legends, that Hussein himself accepted, during the war Iraq- Iran war he had used poison gas against both Iranian troops and Iraqi civilians because they opposed to his regime (Carlisle 3). With this certain example we can furthermore comprehend Hussein’s brutality and desire for power. Iraq and Kuwait are both member nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and by no doubt were rich from the oil revenue. Iraq mainly utilized this wealth into constructing a strong army, whereas Kuwait used the money to provide a better quality of life for its citizens. Hussein had major war-debts that incurred from Iran-Iraq war that he could not pay off. Kuwait seemed to be a good choice for Hussein as the country was a part of Iraq during the Ottoman Empire and only gained sovereignty in 1961. Furthermore a significant amount Iraq’s war debts are from Kuwait. Seizing Kuwait for Hussein proved immunity, as now there would not be much stopping him
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