The Persistence Of The Plague

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The Persistence of the Plague Hollywood has always possessed the unique ability to channel the inner most desires of the common man through material culture. Yes, unbeknownst to you, your mind has become infected with delusions of grandeur stemming from today 's entertainment industries. We are surrounded by news of celebrity drama, as they interact exclusively with one another, creating a social class comprised entirely of their own types. The artists, the athletes, actors, politicians, all the big name types are those belonging to this neo-aristocracy are the only people who actually influence the world that we share. The fact is, the members of this neo-aristocracy are the only ones who wield enough influence to have any sort of effect on society. With this being said, it should come as no surprise to anyone that a majority of the population are aware of their insignificant state as an individual.
What these people hold is power, plain and simple. Perhaps their power comes in the form of real tangible power when we speak of the politicians. Or maybe, it simply stems, more passively, from the power to influence the masses through digital avenues via twitter or Facebook accounts. In some cases it may come in a complicate mix of the two, but, regardless of their specific capabilities, make no mistake, these people exist separate from us, above us. In a sort of ironic twist the average person has unwittingly gone and turned their own life into some pathetic sort of…

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