The Person That I Interviewed

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The person that I interviewed is a 65 year old student, she is Mexican and she just finished third grade. She has 5 children and seven grandchildren. She worked in a hospital as janitor for 20 years. She learned how to speak some basics of the language English that she needed so that she can communicate at her job. She decided to enroll in school to learn English because she wanted to understand her grandchildren when she takes care them and help them with their homework. She had to quit school several times because she had to take care her grandchildren and sometimes because she felt too old to be at a school. Last time she enrolled in a school was last year and since that time she has been my student. During the interview my student expressed her frustration of not being able to perform at the same level as her classmates. She told me that she feels that she learns very slowly, she understands everything that I explain in the classroom, but at the time of do her homework she cannot do it. She refers that she does well in the classroom because she gets help from me and from her classmates. I remember that when I saw her losing motivation, I spoke with her and I suggested her to put more attention in class. At that time, I noticed that during classes she wanted to write every single exercise on the board and that is where she wastes time. She also missed the next explanation and when she finished writing everything she was lost. While we were reviewing the warm up she…
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