The Person and Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ- The Atonement Essay

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The Person and Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ

His Incarnation? Luke 1 v26-38

We know that Christ is someone unique and distinct in many ways from every other man, especially in his incarnation. This word Incarnation basically means `made flesh'. This passage shows the unique and miraculous events which were involved in Christ's incarnation.

The Humiliation and Exaltation

Phil 2 v6-9

This passage shows both Christ's humiliation and his Exaltation,

First we see his humiliation, obviously his humanity and being made flesh was his humiliation, but inside v6, 7 and 8 we find in some detail the humiliation our Lord was subject to. The word of `no reputation' is 'Kenoo' which in the Greek means to empty or abase. By emptying
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Likewise is his return also a redemptive act.

The Necessity of Continuity to the race

Christ became one of the Human race. Humanity made of the substance of Mary. No different.

Here we come across, Heretical teachings by vipers such as the Anabaptists, they taught a heavenly humanity. That would mean it was just similar to ours.

But we know that it was organically made of our flesh, there must be a direct relation, and exactly the same humanity, as that which was subject to sin post-fall.

Heb 2v14 Partook of the same

V16 seed of Abraham

10 v5 Body prepared

Gen 3 v15 Seed of a woman

Mat 1 v18

Luke 1 v35

Born of a woman, and her egg was fertilised by the Holy Spirit.

Here we must remember that Mary was the Mother of Christ's Humanity and not him as a Divine 2nd part of the Trinity.

Luke 1 v42 Born of a woman, into humanity, yet without sin!

His 2 Natures? John 1 V1-14


In church history, it's found that if there is any false doctrine concerning the `Person of Christ' then there will automatically be flaws in his work.

Arians, Sucinians and Unitarians. These all denied Christ as the Divine son, in turn rejecting the atonement. Also the `Non-Subscribing Presbyterians' (Unitarian) will deny the Blood Atonement.

The 2 Natures Of Christ

There is a need for a proper view of the Deity and Humanity of Christ.

Our Portion here shows both of these, V1- Deity + V14- Humanity

In v14
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