The Personal Decision Making Process

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“The ability to make effective decisions is fundamental for success in personal and professional life”. (The Open University (1), 2016). The social work role involves making professional judgements which are both evidence based (Social care institute for excellence, 2007), and in line with legislation (Collins and Daly, 2011). Additionally, “Ethical awareness is fundamental to the professional practice of social workers”. Social workers are expected to make “ethically informed decisions about how to act” through effective analysis and reflection on practice. (British Association of Social Workers, 2012). This essay aims to reflect on the authors personal decision making processes through reflecting on a practice example where the author had a substantial role in decision making. This aims to analyse the author’s professional judgement in relation to the organisational context, demonstrating the author’s professional autonomy and accountability. For the purpose of this essay all names have been changed to protect the individual’s confidentiality in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

In social work practice: “The organisation offers both opportunities and constraints – it enables some things to happen but also limits the scope of professional activities”. (The Open University (3), 2016). Organisational structures can differ greatly between services and make a big difference to decision making processes. The author’s practice learning opportunity was based within an urban
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