The Personal Finance Course Essay

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The Personal Finance course is one of the most practical courses that I took in my undergraduate coursework. It reminds me how I can be a good steward and how I am responsible to manage, protect and grow God’s resources that were given to me. Knowing that God owns everything and that we are accountable for how we are using His resources motivate us to develop a robust biblical finance plan that integrates spending, risk management, and investment to reach our desired life goals. My financial plan will include three main sections, money management section, risk management section, and investing section. In the money management section, my husband and I made a written list of all our goals that are related to our financial lifestyle, which include securing our family’s future spiritually and financially. We want to increase our giving and give generously to create a healthier and safer world. We want to give $10,000 to do something for the orphans in Egypt. Financially, we are trying to improve our income by acquiring higher degrees to move up the ladder into more growth opportunities. My husband finished his second Master in Business Administration, and I am trying to get my bachelor degree in the same field of study to open new doors for our careers. Most importantly, we are determined to pay off the remaining balance of $7,066 in our credit card debt and stop using all the credit cards (See PFP29). Moreover, buying a house is the main goal that we are trying to reach now;
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