`` The Personal, Political, And The Title Became A Symbol Of The Feminist Movement

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The Personal is Unquestionably Political Feminism, known as the advocacy of equality and women’s rights, has been fighting for women’s equality since the 19th century. Although the movement has seen many feats, it has, and continues to encounter extreme obstacles. One obstacle, for instance, is the preconceived notion that the only injustices women face are on a political level. However, this notion appears to ignore the fact that politics greatly impact the lives of people on a personal level. To counter this idea, in 1969, Carol Hanish published an essay titled “The Personal is Political” and the title became a symbol of the feminist movement to express how political issues affect women personally, as well as representing how women’s…show more content…
Not only are both terms highly similar, but Hanisch used this work to influence her own (The Personal is Political). Mills’ work, for instance, highlights the connection between personal experience and societal influence. In other words, his work describes the ability to recognize societal standards or circumstances and how they influence individuals on a personal level. In a sense, “Personal is Political” is a feminist approach to the sociological imagination. Like stated prior, politics are largely responsible for personal experience and environment. By recognizing this, it shows that for a lot of circumstances, many of the unfortunate situations that individuals encounter are entirely due to outside sources such as political policy. With all this in mind, injustices toward women on the personal level are extremely prominent as well as relevant. More often than not, especially seen in the workplace, women are deemed as inadequate, weak, and fragile. At a young age, they are socialized into believing that men are naturally more capable of challenging and rigorous work. Furthermore, since birth, women are repeatedly exposed and socialized to unequal standards, and it is these unequal standards that produce unequal yet normalized notions of how women should act. American society possesses a system that privileges masculinity. This can be attributed to the fact that the standards for masculinity are perceived as more positive than
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