The Personality Assessment And The Time Management Section

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At the beginning of the term, I thought this cornerstone course would only be about how to get through college. When I actually settled into the class I realized that it focuses more on getting to know ourselves better and how we can apply that to school and our everyday lives. Cornerstone has deepened my knowledge about myself as an individual. Although there were many topics that I found fun and interesting in this cornerstone class, there were two that really stood apart from the rest: the personality assessment and the time management section. They were the two most relatable subjects.

The personality assessment that I took within the first two weeks of school, I found beneficial to me. There was no right or wrong answer to the test; it was just used to measure my personality and behavioral styles. I answered the questions to the best of my self-knowledge.
The assessment was enjoyable since it did not make me feel judged in the classroom when we were told to discuss our personality types in groups. To my understanding, the scores are just to show what type of career will be most suitable for me.

Also, in class I Professor Newhouse reviewed Psychological Functions/ Attitudes (Jung). The graph that I drew provided me with a more detailed understanding in exactly what the letters in the personality types mean. I learned that extrovert and introvert is how one relates to the outside world, sensor and intuitive is how one perceive and gather information, whether one is a…
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