The Personality Characteristic That I Am

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Anshika Maheshwari
Professor Mary Brabeck
Personality Theory Essay
December 8, 2015 The personality characteristic that I am going to be writing about in this essay is anxiety. Although I find myself being anxious sometimes too, I think it is more prominent in my mother. She gets nervous and worried for me very often, and moving from California to New York for college has not helped her anxiety. I want to clarify that this is definitely not clinical anxiety or anything serious, but rather her being worried for me and having her maternal instincts come out. For example, when I leave my dorm, my mom always wants me to text her where I am going, who I am with, how long I will be out, and when I will be back in my dorm. She even makes sure
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Both my mother’s parents are also extremely careful and cautious people. They both are always looking out for everyone around them and my grandfather especially, worries a lot about the smallest of things, just as my mother does. Growing up in India, my mother had to be careful and aware of her surroundings all the time, and I believe that the fact that I do not have to be as careful all the time worries her. She thinks that I might not be as astute in noticing the people or things around me all the time, so she takes it into her own hands to warn me, remind me, and make sure I update her about my whereabouts. In this essay, I will use the research and work of two theorists to look into the possibilities of why it is present in my mother’s personality. I will address Albert Bandura’s research about social modeling in human behavior and then Carl Jung’s belief that the unconscious mind contains memories and ideas that come from one’s ancestors. Albert Bandura is a well-known theorist, famous for his many additions to the field of psychology. He is most widely known for his “Bobo Doll Experiment” which he conducted in order to test his social learning theory. The social learning theory said that the learning of a behavior can happen solely by observation. Additionally, by having the subject monitor and observe another subject being given rewards and punishments for certain behaviors, habits that can help
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