The Personality Of A Narcissistic Leader

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NARCISSISM A narcissistic leader can be destructive to an organization, work team, or department in result of their arrogance, sense of entitlement, need for power, and self-absorption. They possess a charisma that draws people towards their vision. Then, gain a following in which they will pursue with all that they can to get their desired results. They love to keep groupies around because they love to have their egos stroked and they need constant validation to endorse their excessive need for admiration (Arabi, 2014). The narcissist often abuse their power and use flattery in order to maintain control of their victims.
According to Robbins and Judge, narcissism make toxic leaders. Their self-admiration, over competitive, and grandiose self- regard traits make them believe that they are very good leaders. When in actuality, they are very far from it (Robbins & Judge, 2009,2007,2005,2003,2001). An effective leader must be willing to communicate with their followers and share a mutual accountability (Kahlib Fischer, 2012). Employee engagement is important in leading work teams. The leader must know the mindset of the employee and be flexible to make changes to accommodate them (Kahlib Fischer, 2012). While the narcissistic leader is only concerned with their own goals, they must be somewhat charismatic, humble, and ambitious simultaneously in effort to employ a hesed relationship. In other words, an effective leader should be a level 5 leader, which is fiercely
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