The Personality Of Personality Psychology

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Personality psychology is a vast field which includes theories ranging from biopsychosocial to behavioral to evolutionary for explaining differences in personality among individuals, cultures, sexes, and more. Even though some theories are stronger or more reliable than others, there is no one true answer for explaining origins and development of personality. Therefore it is my goal to better understand this phenomenon by analyzing a variety of studies and their findings for explaining differences in personality. Specifically, my focus is on personality differences between sexes and what these differences are influenced by. In addition, it is my intention to further understand the effects of personality measures, for example the difference…show more content…
The assessment included self-report ratings made on a scale from 1 (disagree strongly) to 5 (agree strongly) (Schmitt et al. 2008). Beyond the assessment, Schmitt et al. (2008) did comprehensive meta-analysis across a variety of dimensions including cultural values, gender equality, and socioeconomic indicators. Cultural values indicators included Inglehart’s value dimensions, interpersonal trust and life satisfaction, materialist and post-materialist values, and Hofstede’s value dimensions. Gender equality indicators included sex ratio, Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM), Gender-Related Development Index (GDI), Sex ratios in smoking, female professional and technical workers, Sex differences in life expectancy, and sex differences in blood pressure. Finally, socioeconomic indicators included Human Development Index (HDI), gross domestic product per capita, school enrollment, life expectancy at birth, and the Gini index (Schmitt, et al. 2008). After analyzing all of the data, they found many sexual differences among the Big Five personality traits. First, they found that in 49 nations, women scored significantly higher than men for Neuroticism, thus making this category the largest magnitude of sex differences. Next, they found that in only one nation,
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