The Personality Tests On Indiana Career Explorer

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After doing the personality tests on Indiana Career Explorer, the tests gave me a couple of examples of fields I would be successful in, it told me what values may be important to me in a workplace environment. I feel these assessments were spot on and I have more confidence in my ability to be successful in my career choice. According to the Kuder Career Interests assessment, I would be very successful in the following categories: professional support services, teaching and training, counseling and mental health services, health informatics, and therapeutic services. I feel as if all these have a common theme: helping people. Health informatics actually has my major, nursing, in its categories. I feel this is accurate. I have a big heart, and enjoy helping people. I have my Nursing Assistant certification (CNA). The main role of a CNA requires helping people with daily activities as necessary, such as bathing, showering, eating, even walking or standing. Helping people.
The first category, professional support services, is listed on the Career Interests assessment as well as the Skills Confidence assessment. This field has a school counselor and social worker listed as occupations. The third category, mental health and counseling services, also has social worker and school counselor listed, along with a few similar career choices. The last category on the Skills Confidence assessment, family and community services, is extremely similar to the mental health and counseling

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