The Personality Type ( Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging )

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There is countless number of personalities that a human can show in their lifetimes. After taking the “Humanmetrics” test, it had been determined that I have an ESFJ type (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging). This type has more of a social and celebrations look out. ESFJs enjoy being in charge and they are hard workers. They see problems and delegate easily. Not only that, but also have a strong sense of seniority and will help those in need and expect the same in return. Providers love to entertain, always concerned about the needs of others, and make sure that all people are involved. ESFJs can be easily hurt and their emotions will not be contained. They tend to wear our hearts on their sleeves and have a strong “mothering” drive. This then has an outcome of act first and then think later. When a decision must be made, ESFJs contemplate all types of decisions and also the risk. Their personality type is slightly paranoid and sees the world as a hazardous place. No one is to be trusted and they thrive in fields such as medical care and elementary education. We are often found in jobs that involve a lot of direct interactions with people or jobs that require attention. Nursing is a top career option and also what I am currently looking into. ESFJs are generally well-liked and have great social skills. It is pretty common to find us in the health care field. People with this personality flourish on social order and harmony. They are patient, efficient, and hardworking

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