The Personnel Earthquake Continuum : Consequences Of Collective Turnover

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The case study we chose was “The personnel earthquake continuum: Consequences of collective turnover - A case study of Qidian Founders ' Collective Turnover.” Qidian is an online literature company in China. They are credited for developing the business model that almost all online literature companies use in China. While most studies on turnover concentrate on “causes and processes” (Wang, Yuan, & Chen, 2016) of collective turnover, this study focusses on the “consequences” (Wang et al., 2016) of collective turnover. Qidian Founders’ collective turnover is used for this study, where they show the consequences of collective turnover. In this study Qidian Founders’ collective turnover was monitored for 14 months. The goal of the study was to “analyze the consequences of collective turnover and present a theoretical framework of collective turnover in this study.” (Wang et al., 2016), meaning the research will not only provide consequences, but a set of procedures on what can be done to manage these the loss associated with collective turnover. The foundation for this study was based on Qindian Founders’ need to better understand the effect of turnover either negative or positive within their company. Key Issues The problems with collective turnover are addressed by Wang, Yuan and Chen in this study. These issues are outlined in what they refer to as “consequences of collective turnover” (Wang et al., 2016). Per this study, “The complicated effects of collective turnover are

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