The Perspective Of Health And The Journey Of Man By Nina Jablonski

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The Perspective of Health
Melody Means
California State University Fullerton

Health is a varying form of perspective, deeply rooted in an individual’s upbringing and circumstance. Health is an end to which there are multiple and different means. There are many different aspects that make up a person’s life, and all of those aspects can be attributed to that individual’s health. When considering a person’s health, other facts besides just scientific numbers and statistics— are important to take into account. Some of the largest influential aspects of health are geographical heritage, cultural background, and an individual’s own personal experience. All of these factors can aid in the study of epidemiology.

Geographical heritage can play an important role in determining the physiological limits in which an individual can survive. According to Wiley & Allen, often beneficial traits must be acquired that are referred to as adaptions, and they are specific to an environmental context (pg. 24). In the film, The Journey of Man, Nina Jablonski describes how the Chuckchi people were able to adapt to their extremely cold environment in Siberia; by reducing the amount of their body surface that was exposed to freezing temperatures. Internally, this adaption prevented their extremities from prevalent conditions such as hypothermia or frostbite. The adaption also helped by reducing the amount of body heat that was released to the environment. Externally, this
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