The Perspective Of Ramzi Was Horrible

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5.1 Perspective

The perspective of Ramzi was awful. It takes hard work to get a mentality like his and his recruiters. When they were young they were taught to harm, kill and destroy.
Ramzi wanted to destroy the United States. When he planned his attack towards The World Trade Center he wanted to make both buildings collapse. The van had to be parked a certain way so that when the bomb would explode then it would knock down the first building making it tip over and fall on top of the other one making a massive distruction. His plan did not work as well as planned. He had everything else but that. the bomb exploded in within twelve minutes and the van had a capacity to hold in 2,000 pounds of the bomb. When
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If he wa not caught by this moment he would have done massive destructions all over the United States.

5.2 Commence The twin towers completed in 1973 loomed over Manhattan as the tallest towers in America with 110 floors each individual building. If the towers were torn down, there be a massive impact of terror in the city. The towers however were admiring. Terrorist then began to plot ways to impact American soil tearing down the towers along the city itself. Ajaj, bomb builder, partnered with Yousef to create the homemade bomb which was then used in the attack to attempt to take down the twin towers but only managed to both fortunately and unfortunately injure over 1,000 individuals and kill six people extremely effected while near the bomb. A rental vehicle, bought by the terrorist, contaminated the van with the homemade bomb that both Yousef and Ajaj built in their storage locker found in New Jersey. Their plan was to explode the north tower with would force the excess to crash onto the the north building which would have not only injure but kill over 1,000 of the people attending or showing up to work at the World Trade Center twin tower buildings. When the attack took place, the bomb did not exactly accomplish its mission and what it was intended to carry out when it was designed for the attack. Yousef quotes that one of his main regrets is not making the
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