The Perspective Of System Theory And Modern Anthropological Trends Child Essay

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According to Watkins, ,(1999) from the perspective of system theory and modern anthropological trends child is recognized as a social being who is a member of a major family system, which in turn is part of a broader social system child is influences as well as influenced by his or her family. Family act differently with in their communities, where they are surrounded by various support services and resources and also influenced by political imposition, religion, culture and other social factors.
According to Bailey (1988) there are at least five basic reasons that justify working with parents: 1. To fulfil legal mandates that indicates the need to analyze the basic needs of each family. 2. To conceptualize the child as a part of the family system.
3. To identify the needs of the family and provide the required services. 4. To identify the family strengths that will promote adaptation. 5. To expand basic assessment services. (Watkins, B, 1999)
When a family involved in the accomplishing the child’s integration they will be get trained by a specialist in order to observe the changes happening within the child to understand it and to design diverse action directed to their child.

National policy for children with disability
The constitution of India has guaranteed the right to equality, freedom, justice and dignity of all individual and implicitly mandates and inclusive society for all including person with disabilities. According to the 2001 census there are 2.19

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