The Perspectives Of Black Women And Girls Of Darker Skin

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In the documentary, the perspectives of black women and girls of darker skin was examined along with the perceived struggles surrounding their existence within the black community. One of the main interviewees was that of an 8 year old dark complexion girl was noted as saying “I don’t like to be called black.” The little girl spoke of feeling inferior due to her dark skin. On the opposing end, a girl in the same age bracket but of a lighter complexion also shred the same feelings of sadness as she was often targeted, and harassed for being lighter. By providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges these women and girls face, paired with the manner in which the documentary goes underneath the surface to explore the prejudices that…show more content…
In the article “The Hidden Prejudice in Selection: A Research Investigation on Skin Color Bias” these writes took the scope of intracial discrimination beyond that of simply avenues to establish beauty, but to actually identify acts of discrimination that also contribute to feelings of inferiority. Harrison and Thomas used evidence as found in data collected from the Fair Employment Council that performed studies in which African Americans and Europeans were matched with regard to their qualifications, interviewing skills, and credentials. The FEC found, however, that “over 20% of employers treated the African American applicants less favorably than European applicants, but also that African Americans of lighter complexions were treated more favorable than that of the darker applicants (Harrison & Thomas , 2008). The second worldview method that I examined was that of Constructivist worldview, as it is the form of research grounded in the notion that individuals seek understanding of the world in which they live. Individuals develop subjective meanings of their experiences directed toward certain objects or things (Creswell, 2014). By utilizing this method, women and girls can gain and understating of where this form of discrimination derived, and become one with the struggle each woman and girl faces,
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