"The Persuaders" Report on documentary for marketing class

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In this documentary, PBS uncovers the evolution of marketing. Marketing has moved from targeting large groups, to targeting individuals and smaller segments. With so many messages being transmitted through the media, the line between what is being absorbed and what is not has become blurred. Getting through the clutter is difficult. Every thing is done to break through the clutter. Therefore, marketers need to market to only those who really want to hear the message, and to get those people that hear that message, to have an emotional response to it.

One of the ways to break through the clutter in advertising is to create meaning through emotional or spiritual branding. Marketers are targeting consumers in a way that tries to get
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Song is not just a company but an attitude. They looked for people who had what they thought were a character trait called "song, "as if someone could be "song." Employees auditioned by acting in character and demonstrating their song attitude. Their attitude was not only a representation of what their product was, but their attitude was the product as well. The utilization of creating an attitude that mirrored the attitude that the consumer wanted in a product was not just appropriate, but genius. Their goal was a good one, to create something that communicates with the person on another level, aimed at heart and not the head.

When trying to emotional brand someone, pun-intended, one must appeal to those feelings or causes that elicit an emotional response, one that leads to brand-loyalty. Brands become an invitation into a whole new lifestyle. They are looking to transcend through spiritual meaning. Saachi and Saachi is an advertising agency, Kevin Roberts, its CEO, describes a "loyalty beyond reason," its where the "premium profits lie," argues Roberts. He thinks he can turn any product into an object of devotion. Roberts calls these particular products "Lovemarks," ones "infused with intimacy, mystery, sensuality, and you recognize it as having an iconic place in your heart." This is how emotional branding occurs, which leads to brand loyalty. For example, picture a Cherios commercial that shows a baby and a grandma telling a story by playing

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