The Persuasive Essay : Bullying And Its Causes

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There are many reasons why people bully. People like the feeling of having power, winning and using violence to get what they want. It could be weather it makes them feel better of themselves or being the bigger person. Young bullies might think that it is acceptable when they see it on Tv any where in their surroundings. Bullying can take place anywhere like at home, school, and even a workplace. The person might have some personal social issues that can be negative. They can possibly have a hard time getting friends and bullying someone can grab some attention. A person can bully when they feel jealous and have a hard time expressing themselves on how they feel. They might not live with a family who are not loving and not being able to…show more content…
The bully must have not learned about being kind, show compassion and most the most important one of all. This can keep happening because adults might think that it's not that harmless and its just normal. They might think that it's easy for them to make the bullying stop if they wanted to. Ignoring the bullies and let them get away with it can make the victim feel that they are not worth being helped. It keeps happening when someone does break the cycle and then this behavior will never stop. Adults may tell them to just ignore the bully which is wrong because the bully will never stop and they don't realize how powerful children can be or what they are capable of. Adults also believe that they should stand up for themselves or to solve the problem on their own. The bullying can happen in hiding where there is no adult supervision and that is a problem when a child needs help. Victims are often too afraid to speak up for themselves or tell an adult because it is embarrassing for them or they don't believe that adults won't do anything. With this type of behavior it will pass on for generation and it will create aggressive behavior making schools unsafe and society.
Ideal School Policy Other schools policy does not allow gestures or written, graphic, or physical act. They do not allow phones out until after school. They do not allow prejudice, such as race, religion and gender discrimination. At
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