The Pet Sematary Analysis

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In the novel The Pet Sematary Stephen King explains how there is a lot of depression. The main character Louis experiences most of his family dieing plus his best friend. He explains that this story takes place in a small city called Lowdlow, Maine. He also explains in the story that it took place in the past by saying that they had to use a telephone operator to direct the people's calls.
The characters in the story are all different, due to their mental,physical, and purpose in the story. The first character is the main character of the story, Louis Creed. He is a doctor at a university. He is 6 foot and 2 inches in height. This quote shows how Lewis is very indecisive and conscious “Go on you chicken, go on and do it “(309),his mind is telling him this because he does not want to do what his mind wanted him to do. The next character is Rachel, she is Louis’s wife. She is shorter than Louis and has brown hair, and she’s very weary and jittery. She does not want to be scared, but she is and this quote will show the reader that she is a little scared “uttering a nervous little laugh”(349). This is her reacting to something that she is frightened by. Another character is Jud, which is Lois’s best friend, he is a person who has lived in Lowdlow for a long time. Jud gives off a concerned and friendly vibe. He is also a sort of father figure to Louis also. The First main event that happened is that on Louis’s first day of work a person comes in with half of his head missing

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