The Pet Tracker Will Work For The Long Haul Essay

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The customer is seeking reliable. They want to know that the Kyon Pet Tracker will work for the long haul. Therefore, they will not be worried about it all of the time. They want the tracking device to be easy to use. This product is expensive, so it is under a lot of pressure to perform well and make sure anyone can use it. This product is all about safety and security for your furry friend. Therefore, people should not need to be a technological genius just work the device. The same thing for the mobile app, anyone should be able to use it and know the location of their pet not just the block like some other GPS companies. These things are important to our customers. For the website they would want navigation should be easy, contacting customer service, should only be a few clicks and they will be multiple ways of contacting customer service. What this website needs are specialized log-in for every consumer with their preferences and favorite topics being on their home page. The site design and layout would be different basic off the what every customer wants, instead of just being a generic home page for everyone. We are trying to sell our customers on our company and not just a device. A special log in would make the customer feel like they are part of a community and not just a business. This will allow customers to get what want quicker. When they decide to purchase, they do not need to go through the process again and just click the cart and select order.

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