The Petrochemical Company : Multi Billion Dollar Diversified Producer Of Petrochemicals And Advanced Synthetic Resin

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Honam Petrochemical Company (HPC) is a multi-billion dollar diversified producer of petrochemicals and advanced synthetic resin. They are manufacture of a variety of petrochemical products from two facilities in South Korea. Their main primary product is ethylene. Honam is rank among leading producers of polyolefin, High-density polyethylene "(HDPE)" and polypropylene. They also work with other downstream products like ethylene glycol.
Honam was established in 1976. It is a part of the Japanese conglomerates latte 's Koran Network. Honam also acquired Malaysia 's Titan Chemicals for $1.27 billion dollars in 2010. Their main headquarters is located in Soul South Korea. Honam is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Korea; it has
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List and describe the information requirements of HPC’s new management system.
HPC’s needed to develop an intelligent business solution for the executives to have a good deal of up-front specific gathered information. They needed access anytime to quarter’s numbers. They also wanted real-time data; Up-to-minute reports, they also needed access on their PC, desktop or via the Web on mobile devices. The goal was to have data shared easily across various business units and to support the companies function, and expansion geographically. This would require a selection process. Honam information system looked over a number of different software, products and vendors. After reviewing HPC selected SAP BusinessObjects dashboards and SAP BusinessObjects Web intelligence as their choice to implement.
SAP in a dashboard drag-and drop visualization tool designed with interactive analytics for powerful, personalized dashboard base on SAP.

What platform was the new system designed to solve?

The old system provided outdated data reports and “Sanitized”. This caused some managers to fabricate and manipulate their data information to make their departments “look better” to general management. The managers needed accurate and correct information daily. This gave them realistic view of what was occurring in the sale office and the plant floor. They did not want to be overloaded with data that was unnecessary. They needed to have real information that they
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