The Pew Internet Report By Kathryn Zickhur

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The Pew Internet report I used was conducted by Kathryn Zickhur named “Reading, writing and research in the digital age”. I decided to use this report because I found it extremely shocking and intriguing. The report displayed the Internet usage amount for all ages and how it’s increased through the years. This study displays how society has become more technologically advanced. The report then goes into detail about the percentage of adults and teens that use social networks and mobiles in today’s society. As said by Zickhur, “Mobile is the needle; social is the thread.”(Pg.8) This excerpt is an analogy for how information is woven into our lives through mobile technology and social networking sites and the impact they have on us. The Pew Internet report then explains how American’s share news and how digital sharing has become most favored (TV, Radio, & Online). The path of how people access there news then led into how Americans don’t read books anymore and how most prefer E-books over print books. These changes have impacted educational and cultural institutions because not many use libraries for there books but for website or Internet access. The value we once had in the library has diminished and has completely changed. The library has changed to assist society with its new technological advances and has become more tech savvy. The Pew Internet report states that, ”The internet makes doing research easier— easier to do well and easier to do poorly” (Pg.22). Meaning…
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