The Phantom Of The Opera

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Phantom of the Opera has been around for longer than I can recall, being the musical to talk about among my family as something grand. When I was the age of only fourteen I received the honor of performing the musical for the first time, although I had to learn a great deal about the script for that performance, the history behind The Phantom of the Opera is not clear to me. So I started my research their tied to the original piece. Phantom of the gave a timeline that had the background, explaining that the original piece was published in 1911 by Gaston Leroux. (Timeline) The author was inspired by a trip to the Paris opera house, explaining that below the Paris opera house is a lake, and that he recalled an accident in which the chandelier had fallen some years earlier. (Hall, P.16) Sparking Gaston Leroux to make the book. The book from this point was given to the hands of a movie producer making a silent film in November 1925. (The Phantom of the Opera (1925)) The film after its first round was then re-done two more times, one of which was not a success. Andrew Lloyd Webber in May of 1984 hears about the theatre royals stage performance and then comes up with the ideal to turn the book/ play at this time into a musical. The musical took several awards and made countless new fans, finally being turned into a film by Warner Brothers Dec, 22 2004, showing the same amount of success as the musical show. (The Phantom of the Opera, (2004) The musical performance I

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