The Pharaohs, Martin Luther King Jr And Gandhi

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The Pharaohs, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi. What do all these have in common… some of the most amazing demonstrations of leadership in time. Each of these leaders had a different way of leading. Throughout history there has always been two types of people. Those who followed, and those who were followed. Leadership can be seen as someone who takes control of a group, and leads them into being able to achieve a goal. With this being said leaders, wouldn’t be leaders if they didn’t have people to follow them. In life there are many chances, or opportunities to be a leader. Having a leader is essential to most tasks, and is a job that not many can do, because of all it requires. Being a leader means you need to be able to influence and take control of the people around you. Taking control, and influencing people to follow your lead isn’t black and white, being an effective leader comes from knowing what kind of leader you want to be. There has been many different ways leadership has been demonstrated, because not everyone is the same and not everyone wants the same results. Leadership comes in different kinds of styles, Authoritarian, Visionary, Transformational leadership are just a few styles of leadership. Although these are not all the styles that leadership has to offer, these ones are where the focus is going to be starting with the pharaohs, and there Authoritarian way of leading. The pharaohs took their approach to leadership in the authoritarian style. This type of

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