The Phases of Organizational Change Essay

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The Phases in the Organizational Change Process Janet E Perez HCS/587 October 14, 2013 Margaret Walker The Phases in the Organizational Change Process Spector (2010) stated “organizational change is typically initiated in response to a trigger event or a shift in the environment that precipitates a need for altered strategies and new patterns of employee behavior” (p.18). According to Spector (2010), to understand and analyze the dynamics of change it is important to sort out and distinguish the different approaches that can be taken. In chapter one Spector gives the reader insight into the Concord Bookshop, a bookstore that is in the process of…show more content…
The third stage in Lewin’s change model is known as “refreezing”. It is also known as the act of reinforcing and or stabilizing after a new change has been implemented. This stage is very important because this is where an organization makes sure that the people don’t go back to doing things the old way. The Concord Bookshop was an independent bookstore that was having difficulty keeping up with competition from chains and the Internet (Spector, 2010). Because of this issue, management decided to implement change in order to stay abreast of its competitors. However, they failed to take into consideration the opinions of their employees and thus made changes without following the first stage of Lewin’s model, which is the unfreezing stage. The employees did not see a need for change and were simply satisfied with the status quo. They were frozen and need to be thawed out first in order for change to be implemented. Lewin states that people are naturally resistant to change and so the goal of the management team at the Concord Bookshop should have been to show the employees how sticking with the status quo was hindering the organization from staying abreast in the book selling business. This was their first mistake in implementing change that the managers of the Concord Bookshop made and thus what created conflict in their organization. The second step that the Concord Bookshop managers failed
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