The Phenomena of Conformity, Obedience, and Deviance

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Effects of Social Influence on One's Self This essay defines the phenomenon of Conformity, Obedience and Deviance in the light of historic research and contemporary experiments. Concluding to the fact that deviance is a valuable Human attribute that makes our life what it is today. Introduction: Man is a social animal and among his other social needs, is to be socially recognized and acclaimed by his fellow society members. This desire is so overwhelming that one might go to any extent to be part of a social group. Thus one's opinions, expressions and behavior might change in order to obtain coherence with the group norm. The desire to be part of a group can be so daunting that one may base their major decisions on this desire of others. In fact we tend to provide justifications of our own actions by comparing them with other and thus getting our validation. The behavior/ decision seem more reasonable to us if we find others doing it too. Since our childhood we have been taught about the behavior which are acceptable by the society, this tends to decide what is right or wrong for us. The two most visible attitudes discovered by extensive research, are conformity and obedience. Two might appear to be one and the same. However, historic researches have helped us analyze a major difference between them: Conformity: Conformity is the extent to which the individual will change his/ her perception and attitude to be in accordance with the group norms. Now these norms

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